About Us

How in the world?

It’s a question we ask around here. Especially when we wrap up – or land! – another awesome client.
How in the world did we get here?
But it’s a simple story really if maybe a long one
It started with a love for drama. Real solid storytelling, or rather story acting. Because as much as the written word can say the acted line can do so much more.
So we opened a drama center. And wrote scripts. And coaching the actors and actresses. And helped bring our vision to schools, camps, and educational centers.
We coached and we guided.
We showed actors how the way they inflected their lines with meaning can bring people to take actual steps in their real lives.

And then it came. The first corporate call. “We heard you are script geniuses. Can you help us with a commercial video script? “ And suddenly our actors were adults, and sometimes we got kids again! Such fun! And suddenly our scripts were selling not only ideas and lifestyles, but services. That people would PAY MONEY for!
How cool is THAT!

Screenshot 2022-03-02 at 3.17.04 PM

And we noticed that though there are many many talented camera guys out there, There were very very few effective script writers. And at the end, It all comes down to the script. At being able to craft the message.
AND get the actors to deliver it, the RIGHT way.

And so, That became our mission. And our mantra. Strategic Scripting. Spot on Coaching. Actual Selling.
We learnt on the job. We studied and researched the world of RESULTS.
Which videos actually sold? Which had a success rate? We spoke to them, we interviewed them. we learnt their secrets. We took their courses.
Until we knew the secret sauce of what makes videos bring RESULTS.
And we learned the world of SMOOTH PRODUCTION
We hired video guys and editors. We hired animators and voice actors. Got burned with what didn’t work, we loved what did work until we were experts on how to visualize a project and custom coordinate the best team to deliver it.
And we committed to PROMISES.
Prompt service.
Turnaround time our customers could depend on. Swallowing a loss but keeping our word
And THAT’s how we got here.
It’s how we got companies like Ahava Medical to trust us with their Facebook page, Nail It Handyman with their software walkthrough, Riverside Experience with their video invitations. It’s because these companies picked up on The Slingshot Guys’ extra touch. The extra care. And so the customer list continues to grow

Our Promise To You

A Clear Process
Commitment To Your Results
A Team That Has Your Back