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The Slingshot Guys

It started with a love for drama. Real solid storytelling, or rather story acting. Because as much as the written word can say the acted line can do so much more.
So we opened a drama center. And wrote scripts. And coaching the actors and actresses. And helped bring our vision to schools, camps, and educational centers.

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A Weapon for the Digital Age

Be Recognized

No Longer A Nobody!
Video helps you attract attention with:
  • Your prospects get to know and like you,
  • helping you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Earn Trust

No Empty Promises!
Video helps you attract attention with:
  • Take your prospects for actual TOURS of your facility.
  • Showcase CLIENT SUCCESS stories.
  • Share all your valuable TIPS and INSIGHTS.
  • Build warm PERSONAL CONNECTION in a cold digital world.

Get Results

No More Silence!
Sales, email sign ups, social media followers:

Once you’re REAL and TRUSTED the results you’re looking for will be ripe for the taking.
Roll out your video and watch it happen!

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How It Works

Marketing Strategy

Analyze your Marketing Plan
What are you doing now and where do you want to get to?
Let’s see where the video will have the most impact on your marketing.

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Video Production

Capture your Story
We script your pitch and depict it in a dramatic and/or comedic style.
Our professional crew will film your video and edit it to perfection.

Maximize your Investment

Roll out your Video
*Website *Email *Social Media
Sit back and enjoy the ping! of new inquiries in your inbox.
Additional cuts, versions and content creation from the video we capture, at competitive rates, will explode your brands visibility.

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Our Promise To You

A Clear Process
Commitment To Your Results
A Team That Has Your Back